Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Panda Onesies and Tacos on Monday

Oh hi, it's Tuesday and I'm a little late to the game today. Sorry not sorry, except I'm Canadian, and I'm the most apologetic person you'll ever meet, so I am, in fact sorry.

I'd like to preface this absolutely pointless post by saying that I'm feeling rambly today and I just feel like word vomiting all over this blog, because I can (and I will).

Today is my final day of being a quarter centurion. I don't really know exactly how I feel about it. It's okay, it's not awful, but I'm not gonna lie - I'm not over the moon thrilled to be turning 26. Just saying. Juliette keeps (annoyingly) telling me that 26 will be THE BEST YEAR, EVER... so I'm trying to just go with that and let it happen. So, Juliette, no pressure - but you better sorta maybe kinda hopefully be right about that. Otherwise I'll just get Canadiangry and then apologize about it.

I feel like I never share pictures anymore, so lets look at some random things that are currently sitting on my iPhone begging to be posted on the blog...
(for the record, I'm pretty sure every single one of these pictures is on instagram)

Not sure if I've shared this on the blog before, but Justin's nickname is "panda". I don't usually publicly call him panda, but a lot of his friends do, and I'll refer to him as my panda... but that is beside the point. Last year, two of his best friends bought him a panda onesie as a joke gift. Well Justin brought it over to my place and I clearly had to prance around the house being a little panda for a while. Side note, fleece onesies are hot as balls.. are balls even hot? I don't know. But you get my point. I now have a panda onesie sitting in my closet that's begging to be worn... so this might not be the end of these types of pictures.

On Saturday, Amanda and I hung out for a while and walked throughout Gastown and along the seawall (with our friend, Sarah, but we took this selfie before we met her - oops). The fall weather has been gorgeous so far, and I'm loving it. Also, Amanda and I haven't taken a selfie in far too long so I feel like this was long overdue.

This isn't a good picture of us, at all.. but LOOK AT THAT BACK DROP. p.s. not to make you totally jealous or anything, but this is mine and Amanda's "backyard". It's a rough life.

Have you ever wondered what a cucumber would look like if it was left in the fridge for TWO MONTHS? No? Well you're welcome for this beautiful picture anyway. I had to clean this beast out of Justin's fridge on Sunday. It was a little bit gross. The rotten part of it had basically eaten the other rotten parts so there was virtually nothing left.

Obviously after looking at the cucumber picture, I felt like you needed to see my dinner from last night. Because Taco Tuesday. Except it was Taco Monday. Which is basically the same thing except it's not Tuesday and the words don't flow as nicely, because alliteration. Whatever, the tacos were still just as delicious even though it was on Monday. Oh, and to clarify - that's apple juice... because I am an adult and drink adult beverages.

I'm leaving this post on this note. I shared this barf-worthy collage on instagram last week and felt as though it deserved to be posted here as well. I have (literally, no exaggeration) about 247 selfies of Justin and I on my phone, so I put together a few that stood out to me as a 'throwback thursday' to some of my favourite memories from this past year with this handsome handsome ginger whom I love so very much (barf again, sorry not sorry).

And on that note, I think I'm going to peace out. I might not post tomorrow since it's "my day" to celebrate, or something. But who knows - I might make an appearance.


Jay T said...

The resting temperature of testicles is between 94-96 degress Fahrenheit. So yes, balls are hot. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

allieology said...

DAMN IT JULIETTE. I was going to share that little tidbit about the temperature of balls too. But yeah. balls are hot.

Lindsay Landgraf said...

Tee hee hee hee.... "balls." Also I love the collage and demand more.