Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Wiz

For the past two weeks I've been having a bit of a meltdown of sorts regarding a dress. A meltdown over a dress, you ask? Well.. it's not just any dress, it's a freakin' bridesmaid dress that I have to wear in my best friends wedding in August.
For the record, she has no idea about ANY of this... so Nikki, if you're reading... don't panic.

Anyway, back to the story.. I had to order the dress back in January. As some of you may or may not know, I dropped about 6/7 dress sizes last year. When ordering the dress, I was told that they can only alter the dress as much as 2 sizes (to take it in). I talked with the bride, my roommate, and the woman at David's Bridal and everyone thought I should get the dress ONE size too small, that way I had the wiggle room to lose up to 3 sizes. Since I lost so much weight LAST year and I was on point with working out 5-6x a week, I'd definitely lose at least 1 or 2 sizes. I was wrong.

In February I got sick and basically had the entire month with basically no working out. in March I got injured and COULDN'T workout, and that trend basically stayed on point up until June. I got the dress, tried it on, and it was a size too small. I haven't lose any weight since January. Crap. So I started to panic and basically cried (minus the tears) to Juliette and Lindsay about what to do. It's too late to order a new dress, I can't have it "let out" an entire size... clearly I need to crash diet. This resulted in the opposite, and I'd just binge eat because I was starving and I'm pretty sure I've actually GAINED 2lbs since I got the dress instead of losing any weight.

we're off to see the wizard...

But now, NOW, we are okay... you see, I took a little trip to see The Wiz. In case you're confused, I went to see 'The Wizard' last week and she basically saved my life kept me from having a nervous break-down (because hey, I'm clearly dramatic here), and examined my dress. To back track, I started calling her The Wizard before I went to see her because I told Juliette that she'd need to have so many tricks up her sleeves in order for me to ever fit into the dress and that basically she needed to work some kind of magic.

Anyway, I tried the dress on for The Wiz and she was very optimistic. She said it's only 3 inches too small, and what would you know - SHE FOUND 3 INCHES IN THE SEAMS OF THE DRESS. So if I absolutely don't lose any weight, she can 'let the dress out' and I will fit into the dress no problem. If I lose weight, she may not need to alter it at all. HALLELUJAH. I've never been so happy to get news about a dress in my entire life.

Now I just need to stay on point - try and drop some weight in the next month... or at least not gain anymore weight and I'll totally be golden. Everyone just keep pizza, ice cream, vodka, and tacos out of my line of sight - okay?


Jay T said...

I hate to say I told you so but... well, you know. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU and I hope after the wedding you eat lots of pizza and drink lots of vodka. Peter if you're reading this I'm just kidding about the vodka.

Lindsay Landgraf said...

I'm going to be nicer than J and NOT say I told you so but THIS IS THE BEST NEWS and I knew it would work out, and I can't wait to see your gorgeous face in the dress. Oh and ummm....send those tacos you're strong enough to turn down my way.

Jillian said...

Good for you for knowing that crash dieting is NOT the answer! So glad this worked out for you, I can only imagine the panic!!!

shannon said...

OK now multiply this fear times a gazillion and that's what it will feel like when you have to fit into your wedding dress.

but that's neither here nor there.
fittings are the worst and i think that maybe all weddings should just be nude weddings.

Pistol Pete said...

Jay T - doesn't matter whether you were kidding ... the question is whether or not Faith was kidding. (not kidding!)
Lindsay - I'm the Dad ... I get dibs on the tacos.
Jillian - you need three more exclamation points to truly appreciate what her panic was like.
Shannon - I can see Faith pioneering the nude wedding thing ... but I'll need someone else to give her away because I'll be sick that day.

Tracie Everyday said...

and it totally doesn't help that David's Bridal's sizing is all weird and their dresses can fit awkward to begin with.

allieology said...

I was gonna come say something really sweet (like I normally do, cause DUH I'm the sweetest) and then I saw all of your dad's replies to the other comments and lost all train of thought. Sorry about that. But yeah, you'll do great with the dress. I'll be on food patrol <3

Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

Dresses are waaayyy too stressful. The last bridesmaid dress I had fit perfectly when I bought it... And then I had to panic about NOT losing or gaining any weight for the next few months!

Sami said...

I am a bad friend who forgot all about your dress issues but I am so glad that it's all going to work out! :)