Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sometimes I Interview My Boyfriend

Last week Lindsay shared an interview with her husband, Andy... which was hysterical. Then on Monday, Juliette asked her boyfriend a series of interview questions. I totally stole their idea (and told them that I was doing this first) and interview Justin the other night while he was cooking us the most amazing burgers I've ever had in my entire life... no, that is not an exaggeration...

Anyway, I thought of a few easy questions, then Lindsay suggested a few hilarious questions, and it kind of turned into this whole shebang... for the record, Justin wasn't my biggest fan once this interview was over.. and I kinda sorta maybe feel a little bit bad about that. Maybe.

What's the name of my blog?
Justin: Cause you gotta have faith

What do I blog about?
J: Things and stuff.. kidding.. uhhh.. life, weight loss, Christmas advent calendar thingy, umm health but I said that...
F: that it?
J: yeah I guess.. I don't know

Do you know where I'm from?
J: yes
F: ... where?
J: oh, I didn't know I needed to answer that... Nova Scotia

Where is a girl going if she is going to the OBGYN?
J: uhh.. I don't know.
F: you really don't know?
J: I was thinking the gyno? *freaks out* DON'T PUT THAT IN THERE... I DON'T THINK I AM RIGHT.
F: *laughs hysterically*
J: please don't put that in there
F: it's okay, you were right
J: Oh. Okay that's fine then.

What is a current fashion trend?
J: WTF, I don't know... um beards.
F: really? you don't know a single fashion trend?
J: SHOES! You wear them on your feet.. they are always trendy.. WAIT! I've got it. Socks and sandals! Is that still a trend? Is it still the 1980's?
F: *laughs for a few minutes* for the record, that was NOT A TREND. EVER.

What would a girl use a Biore strip for?
J: For the record, I do NOT like these questions... but I don't know... to wax your whoohaa?
F: *laughs hysterically*
J: ugh next question

Am I a good enough cook?
J: yes
F: good answer
J: I know

What kind of products does Chi make?
J: CHI? WHAT IS THIS? Okay I got it.. they make tea, and yoga stuff, and incense?
F: *laughs*
J: This isn't fun anymore
F: Yes it is. So fun.

What are bobby pins? J: things you put in your hair
F: good job!
J: I was right???

Can you name a brand of tampon?
J: tampax? pampers? depends?
F: *dies* ... you should've stopped after your first guess, you were right. The others are NOT tampons.
J: I knew that.

There you have it, a really ridiculous interview with Justin... I just laughed all over again reading over this post. Poor, poor kid.

Justin - thanks for being such a good sport about this.

Happy Thursday.


allieology said...

Bahahahaha it seriously makes me laugh at just how clueless boys can be sometimes... But I do give him points for the beard answer. That is ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS be a fashion trend :)

Sami said...

Sorry J, but Justin totally wins this round over Keith/Kevin. I wonder if my dog would answer these if I asked her. Wait does that make me crazy for even thinking that? Crazy dog lady over here.

Jay T said...

Justin TOTALLY wins over Keith, Sami is right. Your questions were brilliant and I loved his answers. BEARDS. NO.

Lindsay Landgraf said...


Jackie said...

oh my goodness. Pampers? That's hilarious!

Britt said...

The Depends answer got me!!!

brooke lyn said...

always pick socks and sandals. always

Anonymous said...

First time visiting your blog, and I already love it!

Whoohaa biore strips?!?! Who knew this was a thing.

And I definitely won't be buying depends brand tampons.

Love this!