Weight Loss

I am currently working on losing weight by eating clean and exercising regularly. This is my journey so far:

Just over 100lbs down - Dec. 2013

The Vulnerable Truth
Admitting I was fat, and sharing it with the world.

The Vulnerable Truth 2.0
An update and follow-up to Part I - and my struggles.

The Vulnerable Truth 3.0
Part III in the weight loss series. Update to parts I and II.

Do you even run, bro?
After a life of not running, I finally realized that I can say that "I run".

90-Day Challenge
My roommate and I created a 90-day challenge to really 'ramp up' our workouts and clean eating... and quitting alcohol.

Queen of Food Prep
I food prep every week. It's how I stay on track and avoid failing miserably. Some of my 'go to' meals.

Accountability is the Key to Success
My opinion on staying on track if you're being held accountable. It really is the key to success.

Weight Loss is a Rewarding Struggle
Weight loss update, and battling mental struggles.

100 Reasons to Celebrate
Officially down 100lbs in my journey and sharing my progress + pictures.

More coming soon...

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