Monday, April 3, 2017

Obsessed with Notebooks

Happy Monday, friends!

Today I'm sharing one of my guilty pleasures - my obsession with notebooks (or any kind of paper products in general). The first thing I do any time I walk into Chapters, is head towards the notebook section.. and it usually takes everything in me not to . buy every cute and pretty notebook.

At my desk, right now, I have four black notebooks, a blue notebook, a brown notebook, various cute pads of paper from the Target dollar post, and the following notebooks that are pretty enough to photograph.

They all have different purposes. I'll use them to write notes about things like weight loss/gain, food plans or meal ideas, journals, photo shoot ideas, lists of things. I love lists. However, I do have to admit that I have one or two notebooks that have absolutely nothing inside because I think they're too pretty to write in.

I'm curious if there's anyone else out there who also gets ridiculously excited about cute notebooks or paper products? No? Just me?

This one was a little hard to photograph because it's so bright, but this is a hot pink/hot orange notebook that I use for practice brush lettering..

This one is a little different than all of my other notebooks and journals. I bought this one about 6 years ago and decided I didn't want to use it. Randomly last year I opened it up and decided I wanted to try it out and I probably completed half of the book. Essentially, this is a journal prompt book that gives you all kinds of different things to do. I'm terrible at explaining things - look it up on google if you're curious what I mean.

This is my mint ring-bound planner that I absolutely love it.

And because I love planners, I have an Erin Condren life planner (no I don't use both all of the time. I use my Erin Condren all of the time, and use the ring-bound planner some of the time because it's smaller and easier to take with me on the go.

And I saved my favourite for last - my Webster's Pages Travelers Notebook. I think this is so gorgeous, and just want to stare at it and not write in it at all.

One more picture because I love it so much.

That's it for my notebook and planner collection for now. I may share pictures of ALL of my notebooks some day. Maybe. Considering I have such a love for all stationery items, including pretty pens, and note pads, etc. I will probably need to do a part II.

Do you have a love for stationery? If you do, please share what your favourite items are.


Whitney Alison said...

I have a notebook obsession... and journals going all the way back to 3rd grade to prove it. I've gotten really into planners over the past 3 years, but I hold myself to just one. I have the sugar paper collab with Target as my planner for this year.

Regine Karpel said...